Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hair Curlers

I am currently conducting a study of hair rollers. The old school kind that you roll into your hair and then remove, hopefully leaving you with shiny, bouncy, uniform curls. They are usually healthier for your hair because it isn't extreme heat from a metal appliance which can sometimes damage your hair. I will let you all know how it goes.

So far, I have tried steam rollers, Revlon plastic rollers and Conair Jumbo rollers. I like the Conair ones the best. They are velour/velvet and have these wire things that hold them in place. I will post pics. I have 5 more to try. And I have to figure out how to embed things. I do notice a difference in my hair. It doesn't seem as dried out and brittle as it was before. And doing my hair in the morning is a snap. I just turn on the rollers, put them in for 10 minutes while I wash my face, brush my teeth and put eyemake up on. Then I run around and get dressed quickly (because I usually sleep as late as I can!) and then take the rollers out, shake the hair a bit, and good to go. How does everyone else do their hair?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Story

Once upon a time in a slug colony a caterpillar, named Katerpillar, came along and started helping the slugs build their nest. They made a great team because Katerpillar was able to anticipate the slugs' grouchiness, laziness and lack of effort and was able to motivate them to stay on track in building their mud homes and the slugs were able to lay out the expectations clearly, which Katerpillar appreciated. Another caterpillar came along who was very lovely to look at, which was helped by her shiny lipgloss (obviously naturally created). She was quite flirtatious and loved attention from the slugs. The slugs slowed right down to a crawl because they were so busy observing the new caterpillar, which is hard to imagine because slugs are already painfully slow. The caterpillar, whose name was Catty decided to wind her body around the slugs to keep them nice and warm. The slugs really appreciated this act of kindness and stopped building the mud homes altogether. Katerpillar didn't really care because she had seen this before and was happy to be left alone and help other slugs in the community get contracts for their homes.

One day, the head slug, named Ducky, let Katerpillar know that from now on, she would be the only Katerpillar in the colony because he feared that Catty would have hurt feelings from Katerpillar and that Catty would be amazingly unproductive and predicted that Katerpillar and Catty would end up in a fight. Katerpillar was saddened and wondered why caterpillars can't just work together without all the caterpillar dynamics getting in the way. Katerpillar brought Catty to the eating trough and offered her leafy greens or whatever catepillars eat. Catty let Katerpillar know that the slugs are happier with Catty and that Katerpillar has no chance of making them happy. But Katerpillar knew that wasn't true and didn`t really care anyways but let Catty say her piece and left her at the eating trough.

Katerpillar returned to making mud houses with the slugs and ignored Catty. And one day a human little girl accidentally stepped on Catty, crushing her.

The End.

4 Random Sightings of FB Guy- Creepy or Coincidence? and also, I am truly a coward

So I ran into FB guy. He changed his profile picture. The one before this one he was wearing this helmet/mask thing and I couldn't really see his face. In this one, it's definitely him. I knew it was him before anyways. So today I saw him at Mayfair mall. I kinda ducked behind a kiosk to avoid him seeing me. Then later I saw him drive by me while I was waiting for the bus. I saw him a far ways off as he was maneuvering out of the parking lot and turned my back so he wouldn't see/recognize me.
There are 2 reasons I did this:

1. I didn't look well today. I had rolled out of bed and was wearing baggy yoga pants and an old t-shirt, barely any makeup and my hair was in a sweaty pony-tail. I didn't think I would see anyone that would recognize me. That's the beauty of only living here for over a year.

2. Even though I am not interested in this guy and should probably be an adult and let him know, I don't want to even put myself in that position to have to have the talk. He isn't bad looking and he is very polite and really nice. What is it I don't like about him? Hmmm, not sure. I guess he just talks an awful lot. About politics. Like, he wants to tell you everything that is in his head. I felt steamrolled. And I think it would hurt his feelings if I told him. You see, I have had about 10 conversations with this guy. Yes, that right, he has come and talked to me about politics about TEN TIMES. I am moderately interested in politics as far as say, hmm, is there a war going on? I find it mildly interesting. But to have a full conversation about it puts me to sleep! And he has talked to me ten times about this. Oh no wait, the first meeting was me selling him an iphone. So that's nine. The point is, he is passionate about politics and I? am definitely not.
I have tried several ways to cut the conversation short. He picks up the hint and goes away and comes back another day, just like rain. As you can see, I am not good at this. I don't usually get guys interested in me that keep visiting me at work.

Later, I saw him at the same grocery store. And then at the same restaurant. Creepy? Or coincidence?

I am going to have to suck it up and have the talk. I think he is smart enough to take a strong hint. I just have to deliver it.

Why I can't post about work

So there is so much to tell about work!!!!

I think people would be shocked to hear some of the stories. Quite heinous really (that's with a slightly British accent while I call myself Betty).

The reason I cannot tell anything about work is that someone called my manager and said that I said bad things about him to her son. Not true. I might disagree with something that happens, but I really am not going to go to a customer and say bad things about my manager. And what was said is not even in my vocabulary! However, I had a talking to and then they spoke to the whole group about facebook and blogging and such.

I am bursting at the seams to communicate all that goes on in my corner of the world as far as work goes, but I am going to have to wait to post on my blog. I am definitely going to type it out as it happens, but will just save it instead of posting it. And every now and then I will probably have to toss out some pieces of work in the form of metaphors.

How is everyone with reading between the lines?

Friday, August 21, 2009


I stretched and then exercised. And then I went to McDonald's on the way home and had a junior chicken. I was so hungry. It was delicious.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wow, what a predicament

Ok so this regular customer keeps returning to our store to ask me questions. The first 4 tmes, I just thought that he liked the product. But he made it clear that he wants to get to know me. This doesn't usually happen to me. The guys usually go for my co-workers. (I got a new co-worker by the way. Female, beautiful, smart and very nice-that's a whole other blog). So he requested friendship on facebook. I suddenly want to delete my whole profile and hide. Lol!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday a friend who works near me received delivered flowers. I was very happy for her but honestly a little sad that I don't get flowers. So I prayed for God to give me flowers. As I was taking the cardboard to recycling, I saw ROWS AND ROWS OF FLOWERS! They were on tables lining the halls of Hillside Mall. It was amazing. I paused and stared at them. I went and smelled them and touched them to make sure I wasn't dreaming. One of my favorite songs, "Groovy Kind of Love" by Genesis was on and I was in awe. It was a cool moment.

When I got back, my boss asked why it took me 15 minutes to take the cardboard. I was in dreamland and didn't even engage in a verbal sparring. I said: "It just did."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Stop Believing

I have had a fever off and on for 3 days. Today, being a day off, I discovered I was fully sick. I just thought it was a headache. So I have been in bed with that feverish feeling, running hot and cold. I have an appointment with my doc later today hopefully for a prescription. I finally have benefits at work so it's smooth sailing after that. It was good to sleep though. For the rest of the time, I have been relaxing and trying not to think about laundry or training or whatever, just having a day off from everything. Gets boring though. In my travels on the internet, I found some great places to watch T.V. A show I just recently discovered is Glee. About high schools kids who are in a glee club and the teacher that helps them. The song at the end is the title of this blog. I was honestly frustrated and bored until I found this show and to hear the song at the end of this episode was so uplifting, I just had to write about it. It's a song that comes into my life whenever I feel low on hope for whatever reason. Here is the link for this show and other links for great shows. I am also going to post on the main page of this blog.

CTV shows like Madmen, Corner Gas, So You Think You Can Dance
Being Erica
The Hills
Top 5 new music videos
Rachel Ray

Going back to sleep now. Happy watching!

Friday, August 7, 2009


As a naive somewhat new-ish Christian (4 years of following J-man), I sometimes imagine "other" Christian girls who grew up in a christian bubble - a completely functional family with good boundaries and no drinking, swearing, staying out late, and for sure no crazy sex drive! In my mind the parents of these "other" christians had it together, whatever that encompasses. Unlike my family who travelled and let me miss school and had rough boundaries. I am pretty good at not falling into the comparison trap and comparing backgrounds and stuff like that, but I am pretty bad at being naive. I also fall into the category trap. I like organizing stuff so I think Ì start to group people in my head. I think it's my christian-colored glasses. I often think that christian girls don't have sex and don't want to, but I realize it's both unfair and unhealthy to paint everyone with the same paintbrush. Some people deserve fat paintbrushes to smooth everything away and some need a pointy one to get in all the nooks and crannies. The point is, I have discovered a huge segment of Christian girls in the next generation who are secretly having sex or sexual activity. My heart breaks for them because I want them to stay pure and hey, maybe they can be the first generation to get it right.

Something in me is relieved that girls have sex drives. Maybe I am not such a freak after all? I will still be praying for their purity though

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frustrating Day

A customer came into where I worked and did not speak English very well. She said she wanted to start a contract. Find out that after an hour and a half of her broken english and my broken japanese, she wanted to stop a contract and got her verbs mixed up. Great times getting that reversed!

Customer number 2 wanted to give my manager a compliment about me but I convinced him not to since my manager thinks I am paying people to say good things about me.

Customer number 3 wanted me to give a credit for $0.45 because they were charged for 3 text messages that they said that didn't send and wanted me to help them with this. I asked if they were concerned about future text mistakes, but they said they were not. I handed them 2 quarters. They came back and still wanted help getting the $0.45 removed. I gave them the phone and told them what to dial. They wanted me to do it. I informed them that we do not do any adjustments in store and it is up to them to call in. They stared at me like cows in a field waiting for feeding time or something. I almost asked if they are mentally challenged but I think that would have been rude. I dialled the number, handed them the phone and walked away. I didn't get the quarters back (no big deal at all) but then they wanted my coworker to credit them, so he also gave them $0.50 to go away. To no avail. In the end, they got $1.45.

Customer number 4 locked their phone with a password and couldn't remember it. She was very nice and a little embarrassed. I could not unlock it either, since I DIDN'T KNOW THE CODE. After calling the provider and the manufacturer, the only way to get it is to do a system flash, meaning she loses all her contacts, memory, data, applications. Everything gone. She was not happy and started yelling. I gave her the option of paying $50 at a different store for the service of sending her device away, which costs $130. She yelled very loudly. I calmly told her that I will leave her to make her decision and walked away. Half an hour later, she asked me to book her a time at the other store. Said she didn't understand why we don't know the code. Duh! That's why it's called a SECURITY code.

I love customers. I am grateful for my job and am not really as bitter as it may appear, I am just venting.

Haiku Whatever Day

Grumbly and grouchy
Did not want to work today
Stupid customers


I had to delete work entries. More later.