Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've got one hand in my pocket and the other is wearing a white glove.

I received quite a few text messages today telling me that Michael Jackson passed away. He was 50 years old.

Michael Jackson was unstoppable Thriller became the biggest selling album of all time and he was the first black artist to find stardom on MTV, breaking down innumerable boundaries both for his race and for music videos as an art form. For someone like me, who was (and maybe still is) in love with videos, he was one of the first people I started watching in music videos. Later in his career, most of the media's attention focused on his increasingly bizarre eccentricities. The Neverland Ranch, Bubbles the monkey. Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy. Although he categorically denied the charges, his out of court settlement failed to restore his tarnished image. He never quite escaped the stigma of those allegations, and while he continued to sell records at superstarlevels, he didn't release them with enough frequency to once again become better known for his music than his private life. Even so, Jackson always remained bigger than life. And when I think of him, only fondness comes to mind. And a soft picture of him wearing a light yellow sweater on the cover of his album.

I am a big fan of his music, of course. I don't even know what to say about this. He was getting in shape for a concert tour, but suddenly passed away. They haven't yet confirmed what the cause of death was. Cardiac arrest has been mentioned. Favorite Jackson song? There are a few. In no particular order:

Beat it
Billie Jean
Will you be there?
Heal the world
PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
The way you make me feel (I love the snapping in the video)

I guess I don't know what to say because I only have good feelings when I think about Micheal Jackson. Even with all the odd reports and court settlements. My earliest music memories of my life soundtrack can be triggered with Micheal Jackson songs. I remember buying the Thriller tape at the music store in West Edmonton Mall when I was 12. I played it over and over. I got the Faith tape by George Micheal the same day. I was kinda hoping that he would make some more music and possibly tour Canada. It's kinda like Elvis for my generation. Michael Jackson's music is something I will listen to and remember. And I will dance. Like Michael. God must have cool music in Heaven. Hopefully I will get to listen to it in person one day.

I want to be an eagle, not a chicken

A good friend of mine in Kelowna, who is a writer, wrote this to me:

When a storm comes, chickens run around madly flapping their wings, squawking, going in circles, digging in the same old dirt and going nowhere. The eagle is different. When it sees a storm coming, it sits on a rock and waits. When the storm comes it rises up to “catch the wind” so that it will take the eagle to higher heights – soaring on the strength of the wind. In fact, the eagle uses the storms to lift it higher than it would normally go.

It was perfect timing on her part to write this to me, as usual. I think eagles are nicer than crows. Crows chased me down the street the other day. I was waving my arms and screaming, imagining a Chandler Bing (from Friends) kind of move. I prayed to God out loud to save me and the crows stopped chasing me.

If you are in the middle of a storm, please stop with me right now. Breathe in the word of God which promises this: “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary” (Isaiah 40:32 NASB). Yeehaw! I am gonna outrun those crows!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Business Ethics

If you think you are doing something bad, you probably are.

I got a phone call from a co-worker telling me that he took a sale of mine because he helped the customer more than I did. That makes me not trust him. Doesn't feel right. I asked him why he called to tell me that. He said he would feel guilty if he took the sale and didn't tell me, wouldn't want me to think he stole the sale from me. Nice.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haiku Thursday

9/11. Where were you?

After studying
At Julia's house, we woke
To find tragic news

4 Personality Types

We are studying 4 personality types at work. We are to assess what personality type a customer is and adjust our pitch accordingly. Of course the world has more than 4 personality types and it is dangerous to categorize people in the real world. But I can't help thinking about the 4 personlity types outside of work. They are divided by cool or warm emotions (could also be extrovert and introvert) and then by speed of decision making (slow and careful or fast). The 4 types are Expressive, Amiable, Driver and Analytical. Of course it is rare for someone to be all one type and most people have bits of everything in them, depending on the circumstance, but in general, people have a dominant personlity, with facets that come out.

Expressive: Fast decision makers, high emotions
Amiable: Slow decision makers, high emotions
Drivers: Fast decision makers, low emotions
Analytical: Slow decision makers, low emotions

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Avoid avoid avoid


It's everywhere. I am not strong. I am weak. I am a tactile person. I can hold myself back when I have laid out the boundaries and if I know people are aware of my boundaries.

I had made arrangements to meet up with a certain person in Vancouver. I did not keep those arrangements. I made a slight attempt to, but then just surrendered it. It wasn't the right time.

Upon arriving home, sent truthful messages about my expectations and behaviors. They were received very enthusiastically. However, that certain person was very disappointed in not meeting up. It made me a tiny bit satisfied that they really were serious about getting together. So much so, that certain person is coming here next month. Two choices: Avoid. OR Be strong.

Haiku Tuesday

Orange Pekoe, served by Deanna

2 in the morning
The best cup of tea ever
Kelowna Perkins


Training in Vancouver

It was great. I travelled with Hip who is funny and warm and interesting and smart. I like her. We took the ferry the night before and shared a hotel room. The only thing we were required to bring was business attire and our training books and be there at 8:45am. Missing any one of these 3 requirements translated into "you're fired". Seemed simple enough. Business attire? Check. Training Book? Check. Alarm clock? Check. 3 different catastrophes almost spelled me getting fired though.

1. We took a couple of buses and almost got seperated. I had no idea of the name and location of the hotel, but we had it written down in a book that Hip was holding when we almost got seperated. Also, my phone was completely dead. It had her number in it as well as any other number I may have needed. Sure, I could call my work but they were closed and I wouldn't get ahold of anyone until 9am the next morning. Maybe call friends and get them to email someone on facebook? I don't have anyone's number memorized, it's all programmed into my phone. Thank God she held the doors to the skytrain open before it took off! Scary stuff.

2. Slept in. A good friend texting me is what woke me up at 7:45am. Apparently, I had pressed the "off" button instead of "snooze". I texted her thank-you's all day.

3. We thought the meeting started at 8:30am and our cab that we called came and left because we weren't in front of the hotel. So we called again and were waiting. We wanted to use that particular cab company because they bill directly to our company. But by 8:25am, we decided to go with a cab that was waiting out front. He got us there in record time. We got out of the cab with our bags and purses. Suddenly Hip screams and yells at the cab and runs over and opens the back door. I had left my book in the cab! She grabs it and throws it at me and we frantically run in, laughing at the craziness of the morning. It was 8:39am and we were shocked when the instructor didn't kick us out. I saw my co-workers and they said they were just about to call me. Yeah, right. So then we find out it actually starts at 8:45am. I was so relieved I told the instructor I could hug him right now. So he hugged me. Said he will always take a hug from a beautiful lady. I gave him 5 points. He was very happy with that and said he will keep the 5 points for as long as he lives.

A couple guys showed up late and were asked to leave. The instructor seemed very sad and kept apologizing to the guys. One of them had his book, but it wasn't completed. The instructor openly explained to us that this isn't acceptable. I honestly felt bad for that guy.

The rest of the day was smooth sailing. I did not get fired.

Woohoo, I finally have internet!

K so it's been awhile. I have missed you, Mr. Blog (yes, he's a boy). So much happening and I didn't have any internet access. The good thing about not blogging for a while is that I can sum things up in a big picture. Details later.

Youth night has ended at our church for the season. Sad, not because it has ended, but because I feel like we have gotten nowhere with our kids. Do they read their bible? Are they praying? Are they avoiding temptation? Based on the text messages I have been getting, that's a negatory, Sam. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Whatev. It's a process. Time to get out the watermelon and knife. What? I am using the knife on the watermelon. What were you thinking?

Facebook is fun. Haven't been on there in a while. Didn't miss much. But I love love love looking at pictures. Favorites in descending order:

Babies that I know or have held and have smiled at me while I was holding them
Babies that I know or have held
Wedding pics
People laughing really hard
Baby pics of babies I don't know
New boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband pics
Nature pics

The ones I dislike? My own. Why is it that I can look at a picture and be all like, wow, I need to change ______ (pick something), and then 5 years down the road look at the same pic and be like, wow, I was really cute there. I need to have my 5-Years-Down-The-Road glasses on when I look at my own pictures. The ones where I am extremely happy are the ones I actually like though. And I love totally candid shots. Posing is one thing I just can't do properly. I wouldn't make a good model. The photographer would be like, "No, no, Miss Garvey, don't close both your eyes when you wink"; "stop clenching your jaw"; "don't wrinkle your nose"; and "can you please try to not look Chinese? Oh, you can't help it? I'm sorry, but we are going to have to airbrush the asian look our of your pics" No offense to anyone asian, and I used to want asian eyes, I thought they were exotic and beautiful. But it's different when you look asian because your eyes disappear into your cheeks. Once, when I was visiting a certain friend here in Victoria some years back, we got a black and white drawing of ourselves done by an artist in the Inner Harbour. Totally Chinese smile. I still have that picture. But he made me smiling really hard, so I am happy. He even commented that I look Chinese in the picture he drew. My little sister once was asked to prove she was born in Canada when she started going to a new school because there were some Chinese immigrants coming illegally to Canada. She was so upset, she went home and cried because she thought the school didn't want her. I told her she just looks exotic. She calmed down and tried to work it by putting on black liquid liner. It looks good on her. Exotic is going to be the look I will be going for in my pics. Maybe. Or laugh really hard and try to keep my eyes as wide as I can. I think that will make me look scary and surprised though. As a great friend says..."I'm sexy, I do what I want."

K so I went into detail and didn't really give a general picture at all of what I have been up to. From this blog, you would think that I am obsessed with myself and pictures on facebook. Not true. Not entirely true. I will post more later. Of course.