Wednesday, July 22, 2009


He showed up on a motorcycle wearing jeans and helmet and motorcycle jacket. He didn't know I could see him because I was sitting across the street at a table. I watched him take his gear off and lock his bike up, then I went over to him. As soon as he saw me, he started grinning and waving. As I approached, he looked a little shy and fiddled with something on his bike. I kinda kicked the ground with my toe and said "Hi." Then he said, "Hello, it's good to see you." I gave him a hug and he kinda hugged me sideways, hard to describe. We went inside the restaurant and got a table. He let me pick my seat and then pulled out my chair for me. As we were looking at the menu, I glanced at him and saw him glance at me. We started laughing at the same time. He remembered what I liked and ordered for us. Conversation was good. He told me I am crazy and he is glad to see I haven't changed after I dipped my sashimi in his soy sauce. I apologized and he said no, he is happy to share. When the bill came, he grabbed it right away and paid. We were gonna hang out but since his motorcycle license is brand new, he can't be out after dark and had about 15 minutes to get back to Bear Mountain so he had to go. It was pleasant and enjoyable, slightly awkward. Later he texted me to say thank you for letting him take me out to dinner and then called me. I thanked him for being a gentleman. I could hear him smiling over the phone and he said that is what he is going for. Said he was sorry our date was cut short. Date?

I don't know why, but somehow I feel disrespected. It wasn't because of the whole "date" thing. Maybe disrespected is the wrong word. Under-valued? I don't know. It's like he didn't realize who I am or my value. All that time and he finally takes me on a real date? I know we are here to give but really? Too late. And I am not sure he knows who he is or realizes his own value. I feel in my gut that this is not the guy for me. I don't know. It didn't feel like Jesus was wooing me. I appreciated his time and everything was smooth. Right time, wrong boy. Weird. It's like somehow in my soul, I know it's not right. I hope I will know when it is the right one. I think the Jesus will show up. And bring a prince.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot promises

My boss threatened to fire me if I didn't do 40 phones this month. It's really annoying. We had a nice little go around. It's ok because I can't afford to work there if I don't do 40, but still, it's harsh to say it that way. My personal goal for this month is 75. I am currently at 42. Woohoo! Just over 30 to go. He also said I would get my own Blackberry if I do 40. Let's see if that happens...

Today is the first full day I have taken off in a while and did absolutely nothing. My apartment is hot and sticky. Kudos to Vancouver Island for not having air conditioning, but seriously? I feel like I am going through menopause, or as a good friend likes to say, mentopause. I am just lazing around reading and eating grapes. Like a greek goddess. With sweat. And somewhat overweight. And not at all tanned. I wish I had one of those fanning boys to fan me with a palm frond and peel my grapes. That would be nice.

By Your Side

I love this video.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remember the McDonald's song? My sister sang part of it to me today.

Anyone else remember this way-too catchy McDonalds song that turned their entire menu into a song and then distributed fake records in newspapers and ran a contest promotion?!

I'd like a Big Mac,
A Quarter-Pounder with some cheese,
A Hamburger,
A Cheeseburger,
A Happy Meal.

Tasty Golden French Fries,
Regular or Larger Size,
And Salads: Chef or Garden,
Or a Chicken Salad Oriental.

Big Big Breakfast,
Egg McMuffin,
Hot Hot Cakes,
and Sausage.

Maybe Biscuits,
Bacon, Egg and Cheese,
A Sausage,
Hash Browns too.

And for Desert
Hot Apple Pies,
And Sundays
three varieties,
A Soft Server Cone,
3 kinds of shakes,
And Chocolatey Chip Cookies.

And to drink a Coca-Cola,
Diet Coke, and Orange Drink,
A Sprite and Coffee, Decaf too,
A lowfat milk, also an Orange Juice.

I love McDonalds Good Time Great Taste,
and I get this all at one place...
The Good time,
great taste,
Of Mc Donalds.

My little brother pronounces it MiDonoes. He is 28. It's still cute. Kinda.

This actually happened today

Which is weird because my last post was about programming phones. This is an interaction that took place between my coworker and a customer.

"Hi, welcome to (our retail store) . How can I help you?"
"Can you program my Telus phone for me?"
"No, I am sorry, we are not a Telus provider. You need to go to Telus, they are just across the hall and they can program it."
"Why can't you program it here?"
"Since we don't service or sell Telus cells, we are not able to program them."
"Well, I am not going to Telus because they are rude! So I guess you are telling me that I am going to be carrying around this phone and not use it just because you can't program it?!"
"Look, I am sure the people at Telus will program your phone. They have to. You got it from there."
"Whatever. I am just not gonna use my phone. Thanks for nothing. And you know what? I want to lodge a complaint with your head office. What is the number?"
"Hold on, I'll get it for you." (He looks under Telus in the phone book, gives the customer the number). "Here you go, just tell them what you told me. I am sure they will be happy to hear what you have to say."

I'm a train wreck, waiting to happen

My good friend, Doodle, is both petrified of and in adoration of men. She falls fast. And hard. What a great thing. To have a heart and to use it. It's a beautiful mess. I can't wait. And I am scared for her. The whole process that she goes through is extremely contagious. If you even get a whiff, you too, will be contaminated with the love bug.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Call Center Culture

"Thank you for calling Sprint PCS Wireless, my name is Katherine. How may I help you?"
"I would like to order a Hawaiian pizza please."
"A large hawaiian pizza please."
"Sprint PCS WIRELESS. How can I help you?"
"Uh, this isn't Pizza Hut?"
"No, it's a call center."


"Thank you for calling Sprint PCS Wireless, my name is Katherine. How may I help you?"
"I just got my new phone and need to program it."
"Ok, are you calling from a land line?"
"No, I am using the cell phone!" (with an angry tone)
"Okay well you need to call from a land line so that we can program the cell together over the phone."
"It's okay, I will stay on the phone with you and we can program it. We need to hurry because I am expecting a f&%$ing call!"
"I'm sorry sir, but you will need to call back on another line because this cell phone gets shut off."
"It doesn't matter! Just help me program my phone over the phone!"
"Ok, the first step is to press the red button."
"Press it now?"
"Yes. If you want to program your phone, you need to first press the red button."
"Okay." Call ended.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favorite Pick Up Lines (I would actually never use any of these, but they are funny)

Are you a surgeon? Cause you've just took my heart away!
Excuse me, but I think I dropped something ... My Jaw !!!
I'm not wearing any pants.
You have been very naughty! Go to my room!
Mind if i stand here until it's safe where i farted?
If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents.
When God made you, he was showing off
It's not my fault I fell in love, you're the one who tripped me!
There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.
Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
If I could rewrite the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
If you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be McGorgeous.
Are you a parking ticket? 'cause you got fine-fine-fine written all over ya.
Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.
If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
You must be tired 'cause you've been running through my mind all day!

2 plus 2 is 4, 4 plus 4 is 8, 8 plus 8 is 16, 16 plus 16 is 32

Inchworm, inchworm
measuring the merigolds
Seems to me, you'd stop and see
How beautiful they are.

If life was a musical, this song would be playing right now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's haiku time...and it's Thursday

Unconditional Love

Stubby little legs
Shiny smooth short-haired poodle
Looks like her owner


Everything has a purpose right?

I was reading in June 2009's Reader's Digest that the cellular phone industry is in the bottom 5 least trusted industry's in Canada, according to a poll taken. It isn't the bottom though. It's about 4th from the bottom. The least trusted industry is advertising,then oil, then tobacco, then the industry in which I am currently employed.

I think that one of the reason's it is not trusted is because of all the hidden fees. A lady came in today and as I explained the different costs and all, it was fairly obvious which network would be the best one for her needs. I usually tell the customers the bad news up front. Then I can play the hero and save the good stuff for later. It also usually gains their trust. But Ms. ANALytical wanted me to chart it! Make a graph, show what she does and doesn't get. I handed her the brochures and my Tim Horton's card, invited her to use it and sit in the food court while she compared the differences. But no, she wanted an Excel spreadsheet! Normally, I love Excel. In this case, it was a little too much. I told her I will email it to her. Blah. She is an accountant and offered to do my taxes in the future for a good price. I am learning integrity. Or character. Or something. Networking? Blah.

When I got home, I collapsed on the couch and grabbed my Reader's Digest and randomly opened it. Guess what I found? Yup, the article about trust. Ok, ok, I get it. I have to start somewhere. I am gonna go create the spreadsheet now. Blah. At least I'm not in advertising. Or tobacco. Gross.