Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Favorite Song

Lose Control by Timberland and JoJo. Yes, little JoJo who sang "Too Little Too Late". I keep replaying this song. Over and over. Sometimes Mel and I go driving and play it. Over and Over. Here you go...

My favorite lyrics from this song is:

I have a bad day
I don't act right
Get up under your skin
I know it ain't right
How I ask you
To give up everything
Boy just stop what you're doin' and come and follow me around
Baby, thank you for the second chances
And everything you did to help advance this
You put up with my stuff
How can you be my best?
Boy you really got it goin' on

You're all mine
You're alright
I don't mind, no
When I stand
By your side, oh

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