Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Puppy Power!

I cleaned a house today and there was so much dog hair. There was this carpet runner nailed to the beautiful oak wooden steps that wound around the wall. The owner wanted the wood cleaned and the carpet vacuumed. She was a little embarrassed about the hair but she really didn't need to be. That is why I was there. The dog is this beautiful grey and white husky with icy blue eyes, a really happy dog, male. The owner asked me to bring him in when I was done so I took the owner with me and met the dog and pet him and played a little with him. When I was done, I went to let the dog in. He was super happy to see me and walked with me through the house to the front door, stopping for a lap of water from his dish. He put his wet mouth on my hand, wanting me to pet him. So I was petting him and rubbing his ears and we were both happy.

Then I went to put my shoes on. He did NOT like that. He wanted me to keep petting him. Gave a little growl. I got a little nervous and realized that dogs can smell fear so I should stifle any fear I have and just be friendly with him. But I think it was too late because he started growling quite strongly and then barked. I left with shoes and purse in hand, didn't even put my shoes on! I have never been scared of dogs, but being alone in a big house with a strange dog who probably doesn't like a stranger being in his house made me more than nervous. I am definitely putting my shoes on and leaving when I let the dog in next time. Ha ha.

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